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Mule Britannia Fruit Machine Review
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Mule Britannia Fruit Machine Review
This micro-gaming fruit machine tops all the others. This online fruit machine offers big pay out, great features, and some of the best bonuses that the UK fruit machine games have to offer.

This game is one of many that you can play at the instant-play casino. All you have to do is click the game logo. There is no software to download or anything. Making this game easy to access it is only a click away.

This fruit machine offers a beach theme when give the game it’s British feel. There is also amazing graphics and great sounds that give this fruit machine appeal. The jackpot on this game is amazing. The jackpot has a thousand times multiplier on it allowing you greatly increase your winnings. It is one of the most money generous games at the 32Red online casino.

There is an online trial feature that faces you with three different columns. When these columns are illuminated it shows you your prize. You can augment the prize shown by simply playing a Hi/Lo game. This works by allowing you to look at a number then you must figure out if the next number will be lower or higher than the number that is being shown to you. If you predict it successfully you will be rewarded by your prize be notched up in one of the columns.